SMS api is HTTP API. All the URL params ( login,passwd,msisdn,msg,callback_url) should be utf8 encoded.

API for English

API for Other Language

userid = User Id will be provided.
password = Password will be provide
msisdn = Mobile number , should be a 12 digit number followed by "91" for example 911231231230
msg = Message needs to be sent, it can 160 characters or more than 160 characters also

callback_url= The URL where the system will push the response of the requests. Please see below for the detail.

senderid - Sender id,  The 6 digit alphanumeric string.

The response of the 

JSON Response

success Case:


failure Case:

{"result":{"status":{"errorMessage":"invalid msisdn","statusCode":"1","errorCode":"120"}}}

errorCode - 100 
Invalid userid

errorCode - 101
Internal error

errorCode - 105
Unknown Error

errorcode - 110
DB error

errorCode - 120
Invalid mobile number

errorCode - 139
Mandatory Param Missing'

errorCode - 501
server error

errorCode - 502
invalid GW response

callback URL:

The following parameters will be passed to the the call backurl
req_id = Request id of the request
msisdn = Mobile number of the request. 
status = Status of the request. it can be one of the following values.

success - Succefully SMS delivered.
submiited- Just submitted to be pprecessed
INQUEUE - The msg is network queue
INVALIDTEMPLATE - The template is not valid.
BLACKLISTED - The destination number is black listed.
INVALIDNUMBER - It is a invalid number.
INSUFFICIENT BALANCE - Prepaid number does not have account balance.
NOTAVAILABLE - The mobile number is not available to receive SMS.
MSGBOXFULL - The msg box is full.
NETWORKFAILURE - Operator Nework failure.
QUEUEFULL - operator queue is full
UNKNOWN - The error reasaon is not known.
NDNC- DND Number

Voice API

Using this API, voice call can be sent to the desired number.


username=provided by ikonrel
passwd=provided by ikontel
wavefilename= The name of the voice file. It should be in mp3 format.
msisdn=Mobile number of the user to whom the voice file to be sent.
retry_cnt= no of retries to be done incase of failure maximum retires is 3 and minimum is 1
retry_interval = interval in secs, min 300 secs and maximum 1800 secs

Reponse is JSON

0- success

req_id= This is request_id and should be used in call back api to track the call